Search Engine Optimization: Getting What You Paid For

I just talked to another new client who said he has paid for website design and search engine optimization (SEO) but within 10 seconds of looking at his site I could see that he didn’t get quality SEO work, if any. Companies claiming to provide SEO spam businesses daily and cold call them. Many are not locally in Syracuse, the State of New York or sometimes not even in the country. They charge widely varying prices for “SEO”, usually a fixed monthly fee, and provide a level of service and expertise ranging from none to very little. BE AWARE OF THESE SEO SPAMMERS!

Always ask for proof of keywords/domains they’ve optimized and sample reports as well as what they’re doing. You should see on-site SEO clearly in the form of keywords in the page title, meta tags, headlines and copy. And look at their website and see how they rank for keywords. If they aren’t on the first page of Google, RUN – don’t walk – away!

These SEO spammers give real search engine optimization companies like ours a bad name, creating a negative stigma around the industry and letters SEO. But if you’re hesitant or have been burned in the past, we can provide you with a free consultation, samples of our work and PROOF POSITIVE that our SEO works wonders. We never guarantee anything – and anyone that does may not be trustworthy – but we can show past results and provide references for both our website design and SEO/eMarketing. Give us a call today at 315.876.9607. You don’t have to be in the Syracuse area, we can meet with you online and show results for national companies as well as companies located in other cities. We also meet with companies in Rochester, NY, Albany, Buffalo and anywhere in Central and Upstate New York!