QR Codes Are The New ‘It Thing’ of Mobile Marketing

According to a new Chief Marketer report: “Scans of barcodes and QR codes are up 15 percentage points over the last survey, to 68% of the responders. Smartphone apps have also seen a sizable lift, to 44% of respondents, given their once-prohibitive upfront development costs.”

More people are accessing the Internet with their mobile phones than ever and that number is growing. In fact it’s predicted that people will be accessing the web via mobile than by PC in 2013. QR codes are a great way to make it easy to communicate and share information with customers, often at times when they are interested in learning more or searching for your product or services. Marketers are still learning how to best utilize them — simply placing them in an add with no context and having the QR code go to your homepage is NOT the way to use them.

The key is creativity and incentive. Marketers can provide a coupon or a chance to win something, that’s been proven effective. Or places like Toys R Us are providing videos and information about their products in the store for shoppers. Every business can surely come up with some way to take advantage of the mobile movement and QR codes in their marketing, and customers are looking more and more for it while out and about.

Here’s the link to the Chief Marketer report….